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"While it is not necessarily true that good readers are good writers, it is always true that good writers are good readers."
Diane Gess, Ed. D.


ALL WRITE TRACK™ MATERIALS contain strategies that align with Common Core Standards

K-12 and Special Needs Publications. These books can be used across grade levels.

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Teaching Writing: Strategies for Improving Literacy Across the Curriculum

With the Write Track's™ new writing manual, Teaching Writing: Strategies for Improving Literacy Across the Curriculum, teachers can successfully integrate meaningful writing instruction that will broaden students' understanding, widen their range of writing products, and allow them to find their voices and writing styles. This book presents structures and strategies for teachers to use as students move through the process of writing, from planning to publishing. There are a variety of graphic organizers, note-taking devices, and writing strategies as learning tools for each academic subject. Vocabulary-enhancing lessons are also presented to support curriculum objectives. Teaching Writing has been organized to give teachers choices of strategies to incorporate into writing lessons or subjects that they teach. Whether your strategy is a discreet lesson, designed for the purpose of learning a skill, or a tool to help the student take notes, Teaching Writing presents valuable Write Track™ strategies that will make students better writers.

Teaching Writing at the Secondary Level

We take great pride in announcing the publication of our newest book, Teaching Writing at the Secondary Level: Strategies for Improving Literacy Across the Curriculum. Today’s curriculum standards and assessments require that secondary teachers implement writing assignments as an integral part of their instruction. This manual has been designed to provide practical, time-efficient, and meaningful writing activities in science, math, social studies and English. The book’s contents provide lessons, strategies, and organizers to support writing to learn theory.

Many years of research and field-testing have contributed to the completion of this unique teacher resource. The decision to publish this book was in response to the enthusiastic feedback from teachers who have used our strategies in their university courses, workshops, and in in-service trainings over the past 28 years. The result of our efforts is a comprehensive manual that will make writing a powerful tool for learning in the secondary classroom.

A Special Kind of Thesaurus
The Writer’s Book of Synonyms provides your students with an extensive list of alternate words that will enable them to enrich their vocabulary and improve their writing style. This unique thesaurus helps the student notice different shade of word meaning, clarifies the meaning of text, and improves writing style. The Writer’s Book of Synonyms can be used in the classroom as a vocabulary teaching tool, or as a writing center reference book.
Grade levels: grades 2-8 and special needs

Teach Your Students to Edit with Confidence
The Editing Writes Series is a four volume collection of self-correcting students’ books designed for grade levels 2-7. Each volume contains specific lessons that will enrich your students’ revision skills. Proofreading, editing, and other revision strategies are taught through specific strands covering a range of topics such as: deletion, rearranging, combining, word choice, expanding, mechanics, and audience.
Blue edition: grade levels 2-4
Green edition: grade levels 3-5
Red edition: grade levels 4-6
Orange edition: grade levels 5-8

Teach Writing and Comprehension Skills through Poetry
Creative Writes, books A and B promote a reading and writing connection through the use of poetry. Through writing responses using a variety of genres, students develop writings that make connections with the author's purpose. The lessons move from the initial analytical reading of the poem, to creating a written piece in response to the poem, to the revision stage of the student’s work.
Book A: grade levels 5-8
Book B: grade levels 7-10

Corrective English
The ProofWriter™ provides students with a structured approach for improving standard English, and allows students to identify and correct their own errors. Each writing activity has been developed from researched data that focuses on the most common writing mistakes made by students. The lessons provided will enrich students’ composing, proofreading, and revising skills.
Grade levels: 5-8

SAT Preparatory and Vocabulary Development
Staying at the Top and its expanded companion volume Soaring at the Top are college preparatory materials designed to improve scores on the verbal SAT and expand students’ spoken and written vocabulary. The vocabulary is presented in a meaningful and entertaining manner that allows students to learn and retain higher level vocabulary more effectively than through tedious memorization.
Staying at the Top: grade levels 9-12
Soaring at the Top: grade levels 8-11

Visual Aides for Teaching Writing Strategies
The Teaching Writing Charts include valuable lessons for teaching writing skills. Both Primary and Intermediate Charts are reproducible visual tools for use in the classroom. They may be enlarged for wall posters or for making transparencies.
10 Primary Charts: grade levels K-2
15 Intermediate Charts: grade levels 3-8

Directed Teaching Writing Lessons – The Easy Writer™ Series
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The Easy Writer™ series is designed to improve the student’s ability in written expression. Through the curriculum-connected activities contained in these non-consumable books, students in each grade are taught skills to become more confident writers. These directed and enjoyable lessons teach students to: compose rich sentences, expand on their ideas, improve word choices to further a literate vocabulary, combine and rearrange words to reduce redundancy and improve style. Students also organize writing for all genres. These modules also reinforce the processes of proofreading, editing, and revising. The series, comprised of books A through E follow a developmental approach and students move from the simple to the complex at each learning level.
Books A-E: grade levels 1-8

Teacher’s Manuals for the Easy Writer™ Series

The Teacher’s Manuals for the Easy Writer™ books A-E are a valuable resource for teachers. They provide teachers with a step-by-step framework for teaching the lessons in the Easy Writer™ Books A-E. These manuals contain a number of extension activities, a large variety of graphic organizers, and numerous vocabulary lists to help strengthen the students’ writing skills.

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