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"While it is not necessarily true that good readers are good writers, it is always true that good writers are good readers."
Diane Gess, Ed. D.

Level E Easy Writer - Genre Taxonomy - A to Z
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Advertisement Westward Ho
Help Wanter
Persuade the Reader

Book Report Heroes and Heroines
Author's Point of View
If You Want to Read a Good Book

Compare and Contrast Classified Animals
Are We Alike or Different?
A Horse and a Donkey
Compare and Contrast

Definition Ancient Roots
Animal Kingdom
Ferris Wheel Thesaurus
Strange but True
Revolutionary Definitions

Description Sports Time
Occupations from A to Z
Exciting, Vivid, Brilliant Thoughts
Weather Sense
History in Apposition
Facts about Famous Americans
Start with Variety
Infinitive Openers
Past Tense Presents
Scientifically Speaking
Computer Robot
A Zestful, Zany Story

Essay My Hero
If I Could
There Are Three Reasons
I Choose You Because

Historical Fiction Step Into History

Journal Writing My New Country

Letter Friendly to Formal
Greetings from Space
Formal to Friendly
Thank You
Another Point of View
Vacation Time

Myths Myths and Monsters
Scene One...Take Two

Math Create and Solve

Narrative Tell a Story
Go for the Gold
Combining and Rearranging
ABC Story

News Report Eye Witness Report
Reporting the News
First one the Scene

Personal Reflection Classified Animals
Acrostic Writing
Revolutionary Facts
Write a Report
Where Do I Call Home?

Similies As Inspiring As...
The World Around Us

Story Treasure Chest
Writing with WH- Questions
Get the Evidence
Mathematical Fantasy

Summary Great Expectations
Numerous Combinations
Do You Know Me?
Character of the Gods

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