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Level D Easy Writer - Genre Taxonomy - A to Z
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Alliterative Writing Alphabet Twisters
Antics With Adverbs

Autobiography Framing An Autobiography
Who Are You
All About Me
Letter To A Friend

Advertisement Alliteration

Animal Story (fiction) And the Winner Is...
If I Were An Animal
Animal Action
Big And Little

Animal Story (non-fiction) And the Winner Is...
African Safari
Save The Animals

Biography Framing a Biography
Letter To A Friend

Compare and Contrast City Buses and School Buses
Alike and Different

Definition Technology Terms
Can You Picture This?

Description Many Kinds of Shelters
Dream House
Star-Studded Sentences
Writing with -LY Adverbs
Plan To Expand
Why Did It Happen?
Getting the Facts
Seldom, Occasionally, Rarely
When, Where, and Why?
Calling All Substitutes
Symbols and Substitutions
Occupations Z to A
Women in Apposition
What's the Apposition?
Move for Variety
Skating, Gliding, Climbing, Jogging
Alphabet Acrostic
A Mythical Description
Grant My Three Wishes
Essay (personal) All About Friendship
Here Are Three Reasons
Take Action

Letter A Friendly Letter To Your Teacher
A Brave and Strong Woman
Letter to a Friend
Take Action

Interview Getting to Know You
Reporting An Interview
What Interests You?

Narrative The Reason Is...
Just the Facts, Please!
Expand Into The Past
Explore with a "Better Word"
From Here to There
Let Me Tell You
Where Did I Go? What Did I See?

News Report "Extra Extra, Read All About It!"
A New Planet Discovered
Weather-Related Disaster

Report Explore with Substitutions
All About the Weather
A B C Writing
Reporting On New Hampshire
My Home Town

Science Fiction A Visitor From Another Planet
Story Web
Stranger Than Fact
Picture This

Story Start with a Sentence, End with a Story
A Royal Story
Casting a Magic Spell
Fairy Tale Fantasy
If I Were One Of Those Three Pigs...

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