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"While it is not necessarily true that good readers are good writers, it is always true that good writers are good readers."
Diane Gess, Ed. D.

Level C Easy Writer - Genre Taxonomy - A to Z
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Adventure Stories Great Adventures
An Unbrella Full of Words

Alternative Writing Twisters for the Tongue
Same Sound Sentences
Spice up Your Writing

Autobiographical More About Me
Plan to Write

Book Report My Favorite Character

Code Writing Send a Message
Go on a Treasure Hunt

Definition Connect with Your Surroundings
Write a Three-Part Definition
Write a Definition

Description Writing from Flip-flops
Grow a Sentence
Grow a Story
Write a Better Sentence
Chirpy and Goldie
Expand with Colors
A "Good" Story
A "Bad" Story
I Said...She Said...We Said
How Was It Said?
Combine and Connect
Move, Add, Take Away

Essay There Are Three Reasons Why I Need It
The Right Bill

Fantasy Story Good Luck...Bad Luck
What is the Problem?
What Do You Say to a Monster?

Interview Report Start with Questions, End with a Report

Letter Apply for an Adventurous Job
Write a Letter to a Sports Star
Dear Friend, I Feel Awful
May I Help You?
Dear Pen Pal

Narrative Make Some Magic Potion
What Happened?
Pair Up
An Eventful Story
When I Woke up This Morning
When? Who? What? Shake It Up
 for Sentence Variety
Use the Wish List
Alphabet Openers
Vary Your Sentence Beginnings
Word Painting

News Report Ladies and Gentlemen
News Update on Old Rhymes

Personal Reflections Meet My Friend
But...However...Nevertheless...Even Though
Move and Improve
A Coat of Arms
What Do You Know?

Report Write a Description
Animal Rescue 911

Rhymes Mixed-up Mother Goose
New Rhymes from Old Simile
Similies for the Senses

Story Write a Story Using Flip-flop Characters
Add an Ending
Start with a Sentence – End with a Story
Story Frames
Publish a Story
Putting the Pieces Together
Start with Two – End with One

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