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The Write Track™ course of study is accredited by a number of colleges and universities.

Information for school districts:

If a district wishes to offer its teachers university credit, the Write Track™ has a prepared course of study that has been approved for this purpose in a number of states. The course, Achieving High Literacy Standards through Writing Across the Curriculum, is offered for inservice of graduate credit and is taught by certified Write Track™ instructors who are teachers, coaches, and staff developers with experience using the program in K-12 classrooms.

Information for teachers in New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and Pennsylvania:

The Write Track™ course, Teaching Writing and Thinking Across the Curriculum is offered through the Regional Training Center in association with the following schools:

New Jersey: The College of New Jersey
Pennsylvania: La Salle University
Maryland: La Salle University

For course descriptions, course times and locations, and registration information, please use the following link:

"While it is not necessarily true that good readers are good writers, it is always true that good writers are good readers."
Diane Gess, Ed. D.

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