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Professional Development

The Write Track™ follows the recommendations of the
National Staff Development Council and will contract with districts and schools to do the following:

provide hands on workshops for targeted grade levels or schools
present on-site demonstration lessons to support workshops

The implementation of the Write Track™ program in schools through hands-on training sessions allows the teachers to get a first hand look at the way the program works, and what makes it successful. These training sessions are not just guided lectures or workshops, but are structured as interactive and collaborative experiences. Because professional development at both the workshops and in the classroom are an essential, required part of the Write Track™ program, teachers get a clear picture of how the strategies can impact learning. As a part of the training, participants are given training packets that are specific to the goals of their school or district. Another unique aspect of the training is the follow-up staff development for new teachers that can be arranged by special request.

The Write Track™ program is customized to each State’s standards and to specifically meet the needs of each school’s target audience. The versatility of the program allows the consultants to cater to the specific needs of each school while still maintaining the integrity of the program. You might think that all this customization and willingness to meet the individual needs of each school and district would make this program very costly, but this is not the case. The training is cost effective and is predicated on a reasonable fee arrangement, so any school that wishes to implement it can afford to do so.

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